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Jenifer Morrissey lives in Gould, Colorado with her herd of Fell Ponies, her Australian Shepherds, and her husband Don Ewy with whom she owns Focused on the Forest, LLC.


Jenifer Morrissey is fascinated by how people interact with the landscapes in which they find themselves.  She began writing on the topic for her masters in environmental policy and management from the University of Denver.  She owns, with her husband Don Ewy, the logging and construction business Focused on the Forest, LLC.

The author’s bachelors in electrical engineering from Stanford University has assisted her in publishing numerous books about the ponies she works and breeds at Willowtrail Farm, ponies which have been shaped by the landscapes of their origin.  Fell Ponies:  Observations on the Breed, the Breed Standard, and Breeding  and other titles are available on amazon.com.  Her articles have appeared in Rural Heritage, Driving Digest, Small Farmer’s Journal, Heavy Horse World and other magazines.



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