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The Feeling Appears To Be Mutual!

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I spent twenty years with my first pony, and I expected Mya the Wonder Pony to stay with me until the end of her life.  When my husband unexpectedly died, though, I had to make some tough decisions.  I saw an opportunity that might work as a new home for Mya, and I followed through on it.  Nonetheless, I found myself asking if I had made the right choice.  As if in answer, I heard from her new owner with a wonderful story and series of pictures.

Mya is in a home with an equine-loving mom and a five year old boy.  The first set of pictures I received answered my question about how Mya was getting along.  Ericka said that whenever her son Smith is outside in the yard, Mya comes to be with him, as the photos here show.  It’s clear she’s content and attached to her boy. 

Then I asked Ericka how Smith likes Mya.  The answer made my heart happy.  It had just been Smith’s first day at kindergarten, and apparently the teacher had asked her students what they liked.  She wrote their answers on a flipchart in front of the class.  When Ericka went to pick Smith up that day, she saw the flipchart and took a picture.  On it are the words, “Smith likes Mya.”  It’s clear the feelings are mutual between Mya and Smith!  I couldn’t ask for anything better!

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Jenifer Morrissey